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Private vs Public Blockchains: Does it really matter?

Long past due is the time when people only asked what was blockchain and what could they do with it. The numerous use cases and projects that leverage this innovative technology are now out there, representing the brightest testament that enterprise practitioners are convinced of blockchain’s potential to revolutionize their business and are now looking at how to use it at best.

This episode of BCH Global’s Think Tank Webinar Series addresses one of the- perhaps- most heated debates: should blockchains be public or private? Useless to say, there cannot be right or wrong answer without understanding the proper business context.

 Discussion Topics:

Join us to listen how Ahmed Banafa— one of the most respected thought leaders on innovative technologies and influencer on IoT, Blockchain, AI, author and keynote speaker—addresses these discussion topics

  • What are the key criteria a business executive should use to differentiate the two types of blockchains?

  • The debate public vs private is always heated. Is it a “war of religion” or is there real substance?

  • If the public vs private dichotomy is here to stay (at least for some time), what business divers should a corporate decision maker consider before launching a blockchain initiative in the company?

  • An interesting example of a possible private to public conversion is Libra: an initially private blockchain that in 5 years will turn into public. Can you tell us more about it?

  • What do you think could be the impact of Libra on the use of blockchain in the enterprise supply chains?

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Enrico Camerinelli

VP Research, BCH Global



Prof. Ahmed Banafa

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