BCH Global’s Think Tank Webinar Series

BCH Global’s Think Tank Webinar Series

Blockchain and the Future of Data and Analytics

Data is the new oil: everyone today agrees with this sentence. How to realistically turn this into a business opportunity is a totally different story. Follow this webinar if you are looking for practical guidance on how to use blockchain’s game-changing technology to leverage the wealth of data collected in your enterprise information systems. 

Discussion Topics:

  • Data enabled innovation and why it is relevant to consumers

  • Self sovereign data solutions and how they can help

  • Hypergranular data and the dark side of analytics

  • Why you should care as an enterprise and how it will impact your ability to do predictive analytics 

  • The future of data and enablement of DAOs 

Hosted By:





Magdalena Ramada Sarasola

InsurTech Innovation Leader (EMEA)

Willis Towers Watson




     Enrico Camerinelli

     VP Research, BCH Global


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 45 Minutes

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