BCH Global’s Think Tank Webinar Series

BCH Global’s Think Tank Webinar Series

Addressing Business Targets with Blockchain

As complex as it might appear, blockchain early adopters witness that the technology easily adapts to business needs. Rather than fighting it, smart business decision-makers are embracing it.

Discussion Topics:

  • Addressing conventional customer needs with technology innovation - Learn how to leverage technology innovation to enable business transformation

  • Business KPIs for the Digital Transformation case  Understand the “business language” that technical experts must speak to convince business decision makers

  • Where is the money in the digital transformation

Hosted By:





Maxim Gerasimenko

Digital Transformation and e-Commerce Leader, 3M




     Enrico Camerinelli

     VP Research, BCH Global


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 1 Hour

If you can't make it, register anyway, and you'll get the recording in an email after the webinar.

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