BCH Global is the cross-industry community of the world’s leading enterprise blockchain practitioners. The community is empowering the profession of Enterprise Blockchains Management. 

Some common questions regarding our initiative:

Why should I spend time on sharing my journey with your executive community?


As a leader in this space, we would be honored to have you contribute from your knowledge and help to shape the future of blockchain technology. Other peers of yours are already spending time in our community, so you can all benefit from each other’s experience in a dynamic environment as blockchain for enterprises. You would become a member of the community and you could shape it to your needs.


How is my journey relevant to your executive committee members?

Our community consists of some of the world leading blockchain practitioners who share their knowledge over live interviews, written use cases and more. We believe that knowledge is not an exclusivity, but it becomes when you cannot get to the right people.

Our initiative aims to facilitate the build of the community of practitioners—those who do things and not only talk about them. You just tell us who you would like to reach out to and we’ll make that happen.

What do you expect them to do after listening to my journey?


Your Use Case / Interview will help the community members to make better strategic decision, there is nothing compared to hands-on experience and your experience can help. 

We don’t expect of course that participants give away their “Coca Cola recipe”. That’s part of the competitive play. We want to facilitate the cooperative play of this engaging and challenging business environment.

Community peers may take on your recommendations or challenge them from their real-life experience. No theoretical debates but real-life testimonials that will sharpen your blockchain plans and consider things under a corporate practitioner’s perspective.

Here are a few examples of the enterprises that the blockchain practitioners who joined the community are coming from:

Ready to share your experience with BCH Global community?


Please block the best date/time for you for a set up a 30 minutes session with our VP Research, Enrico. Feel free to book your preferred slot using: https://calendly.com/101bch/101bch

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