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5 Questions to Decide if Blockchain is a

Good Fit for Your Business

Enterprise CIOs are challenged by the need to anticipate the benefits and limits of this innovative technology while deciding if their time is well spent. These CIOs are also faced with internal resistance that wonders whether they should not focus on immediate needs rather than embarking on potentially useless endeavors, triggered by hype rather than by real business imperatives.


This webinar of BCH Global Executive Research suggests the 5 questions CIOs must answer before engaging in a blockchain initiative. The questions prepare a CIO to approach blockchain with the right business acumen.

 Discussion Topics:

  • Ask the right questions to understand how blockchain may resolve your business needs

  • Ask the same questions of other enterprise executives before they opted to embark on a blockchain initiative

  • Identify the key criteria to decide on blockchain for your organization

Hosted By:



Enrico Camerinelli

VP Research, BCH Global


On-Demand Webinar

Length: 15 Minutes

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