BCH Global

 Founded in 2019

BCH Global is the cross-industry community of the world’s leading enterprise blockchain practitioners. The community is empowering the profession of Enterprise Blockchains Management.


Corporate decision makers are pragmatic and they trust only pragmatic advice: only their peers are in the position to provide such insight. BCH Global is the catalyst that aggregates peers in a corporate network.

BCH Global is the place where corporate Executives meet and share vision, ideas, experience, doubts, successes, and bottlenecks.

BCH GLobal Community members can benchmark against other industry peers, and enjoy the benefits of a business network that we like to describe as a “Permanent Conference”.

Members (by invitation-only) can find:

  • Content

  • Peer experts

  • Ideas

  • Networking

We are congregating some of the world-leading enterprise blockchain practitioners who share their knowledge over live interviews, written use cases, webinar think tank series, and more.

Our initiative aims to facilitate the build of the community of practitioners—those who do things and not only talk about them. You can certainly benefit from being part of this selected group of corporate executive blockchain experts.


Let’s connect and find out how we can help you drive new value to your organization.

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